Apongbon Bridge Fire: Gov Sanwo-Olu Visits Site,Gives Occupant Till Wednesday To Vacate

Governor Sanwo-olu on Monday visited the site of fire disaster at Apongbon, Lagos Island and warned that the Wednesday deadline given to those transacting business under the bridge to vacate stands.

The governor whose visited was greeted by a large crowd of traders insisted that the State will no longer tolerate situations whereby people destroy public assets for whatever reason.

He said the last couple of years had witnessed eight fire outbreaks under the bridge caused by people who reside or transact businesses there.

” I visited the scene of the recent fire outbreak at Apongbon and I have issued a seven-day notice to all illegal occupiers under the bridge.
What happened was an unfortunate incident and a clear indication of how public assets should not be used

“I want to reiterate that our ultimatum is still on and Wednesday is the deadline.
“If you have any valuables there, you must remove them because clearing exercise of the site.

“Over the last couple of years, we have had eight fire incidents on our bridges. Every time something like this happens , it affects the economy. The implications are far reaching and this will not acceptable as a norm.

“It takes a lot of resources to put the damaged bridges back in order and it takes time to complete it, not discounting the inconvenience it places on everyone.

“We cannot continue to have people who are engaging in actions that cause damage to public assets and put everyone at risk”

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