Uncountable Creatures

“There is the sea, vast and spacious, teeming with creatures beyond number” Psalm 104:25.

The touch was soft, the sound was clear and urgent. It came with a reproach yet reassuring “Why are you not praising Me” God is asking for simple things from us. Repentance and praise. He points us to the cross and the finished work on Calvary, the large body of water, seas and the ocean, with it’s natural supply of aquatic splendours, fish and other sea life. He makes grass grow for the cattle and plants for people to cultivate.

Beloved of God, nothing is random in God’s creation. He uses it all for His glory and our good.
Thus, I will sing unto the Lord all my life, says the Psalmist vs 33. We too can praise Him today as we wonder all that He provides.
May He humble us by His vast creation and as you praise Him today, our land shall yield her increase unto us and peace shall reign all over the land in Jesus Mighty name. Amen

Good morning 🌞
Have a splendid praiseworthy Sunday
🎤💒🪘🎹 🎷 🪗 🎬

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