He Had Compassion On The People

“I have compassion on the multitude, because they have now continued with Me three days and have nothing to eat.” Mark 8:2.

In the feeding of the multitude, Jesus gave an example of what it means to care about the physical and spiritual needs of the people. Mark 8:1-9. We are all in need of spiritual and physical assistance. It will be a wonderful experience if we can all use what we have to make our abodes places where the genuinely hungry and needy can find solace.

Beloved of God, I pray that the weary will find consolation through our kind acts today.
The spiritually filled among us will start a holy fire that will reignite the fire of God in our lives for genuine conversion to God in Christ.
As Jesus had compassion on his hearers, may He also show us compassion.
Three days with Him, with out provisions, may you find eternal replenishment as a result of His three days in the bowels of the earth in Jesus name. Amen

Good morning 🌞
Have a glorious praiseworthy Sunday
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