Pick-Pocket: Boy Cut In The Act On Lagos-Badagry Expressway

Mixed Reactions Trail Viral Picture Of Police Officer Punishing Suspect

Online users have been expressing diverse opinions over the viral picture of a police offer flogging a boy who was allegedly “cut in the act” while trying to pick the pocket of another resident on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

As seen in the picture, the suspect was lifted on a vehicle with a police officer flogging him as people watched.

Commenting, some online users said the suspect deserved the punishment and noted that the intervention by the police was in his favour as he would have been lynched by the mob without the presence of military men.

However, others kicked against the action of the police saying that personnel of the police force who are notorious for intimidating motorists and extorting them do not have the moral right to penalise thieves.

Read some of the comments below

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