50 New Charismatic Ministers Commissioned At Saint Monica’s Parish, Maza-Maza, Lagos

New Ministers Urged To Refrain From Vainglory As They Share In The Missionary Work Of Jesus

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria, in the Lagos Archdiocese, Monday, February 28, had an addition of 50 new ministers who were commissioned at Saint Monica’s Parish, Maza-Maza.

The newly commissioned ministers were among those prayed-over towards the end of last year at the Church of Annunciation, FESTAC Town, Lagos on completion of the Life in the Spirit Seminars programme organised by the FESTAC Denary of the Renewal.

Performing the ceremony during an Evening Mass, the Reverend Father Kingsely Agaga described the moment as unique as according to him the number fifty represents Pentecost and hoped that the power of Pentecost would surely rest upon the participants.

Father Agada who congratulated the young ministers for the wise decision of joining the Renewal in order to have a deeper knowledge of God and sharing in the missionary work of Jesus Christ, urged them to desist from any form of vainglory in order to end the race in gold and have a share of the heavenly inheritance.

While also advising them to rely only on God for power and resist the temptation to go elsewhere in acquisition of more powers and in the process sell their souls to the demon, Fr. Agada
said as long as they serve God in righteousness, the Almighty whose power is sufficient for all would give them the enablement to succeed including overcoming persecutions that may come their ways.

He said, “We are all called by Jesus Christ. As I am called , so you are called also. Jesus said, “Go into the world and make disciples of all nations. We are sharing in the missionary work of Jesus.

“You have to brace to greater challenge. There will be persecutions, even among your fold. Persecution will come but do not be afraid of them. The rewards are in heaven.

“Don’t involve in vainglory. When you begin to involve in vein glory, your rewards are no longer in heaven, but here on earth.

“Our God is sufficient for us. Do not go out in acquisition of powers as some people are doing. You need humility to do the work efficiently”, he advised.

Fr. Agaga also reminded them that the work of God is like a relay race in which you do your work and allow others to take over. Therefore, he said they should not aspire to do everything, but just play their roles based on the size of God’s gift they have and allow others to continue from where they stopped.

It was a moment of great excitement as the newly commissioned ministers together with their seminar leaders as well as other members of the Renewal in the Parish danced and praised God like never before.

The Coordinator of Good Shepherd Community, Saint Monica’s Parish Bro. Innocent Odoh lauded the young ministers for their resilience and dedication that saw them through the seminars and now commissioning.

Bro. Odoh who eulogized the seminar team members including the External and Internal Coordinators, seminar group leaders, facilitators and others for making a huge sacrifice in the spiritual building of the new ministers said the day of Commissioning is usually remarkable in the life of every charismatic member.

He urged the participants to keep waxing in the spirit while reminding them that another important milestone ahead of them is their posting to ministries which would not take too long.

In the course of the commissioning, the young ministers were prayed for, anointed on their foreheads and each handed a lit candle signifying that “they are light to the World”. They were also made to taste the salt in enactment of the charge given to the disciples by Jesus that “they are the salt of the world”.

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