Polish Bishops Urge Countrymen To Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Vatican News reports that the head of the Catholic Polish Church has appealed to Catholics and all people of goodwill in Poland to continue praying for peace and to prepare to welcome Ukrainian refugees.

As war looms on the eastern border of Ukraine, the President of the Polish bishops is calling on Catholics and people of good will in Poland to welcome Ukrainian refugees seeking shelter in the country, while continuing to pray for peace.

“Everyone has the right to live in peace and security. Everyone has the right to seek, for themselves and their loved ones, safe living conditions”, Archbishop Stanislaw Gądecki of Poznań wrote in an Appeal issued on Monday.

The Polish prelate recalled that “for centuries Poland has been a refuge for those who, respecting Polish culture and law, fled from persecution and hatred”, and that, also in recent years, it has opened its doors to newcomers from Ukraine, “who live among us, work with us, pray in Polish churches, and study in Polish schools”.

Archbishop Gądecki asked that hospitality toward refugees be expressed concretely through supporting charitable organizations, like Caritas Poland, diocesan and parish Caritas, and other associations.

He added that Caritas Poland has prepared an additional program of support for refugees from Ukraine in case of a further escalation of the tensions and military action.

Meanwhile, European bishops welcome the EU’s approval of an emergency macro-financial assistance operation of €1.2 billion in the form of loans to foster stability in Ukraine.

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