Nkechi Macaulay ,Breaking Grounds On Strange Terrain

Taking Boys Sexuality Education To The Next Level

Sexuality education session for secondary school students organised by #BoysLiveMatter Foundation

A lot advocacies by civil society organisations are centered on empowerment of girl children ,with no mention of boys.

Yet, male children equally battle with myriads of developmental challenges that can destroy their entire life if not protected and mentored to grow into responsible adults.

This explains why BoysLiveMatter Foundation by Media Personality, Nkechi Macaulay is seen as different and unique. The foundation comes boldly to tackle high incidences of rape, violence against women, ritual practices and a whole lot of other vices in the society by ensuring that male children who are often the perpetrators are offered the needed help to grow responsibly. Besides, boys also face abuses.

More especially, it offers guidance and counselling to boys on their sexuality, which enables them better understand their body chemistry and get relieve from urges which are natural.

At a recent programme, the foundation gathered secondary school children in Lagos , who were eager to seek help over their challenges as adolescents.

“After the talk, a couple of students wanted to see me….
“One young chap offered to see me in private to ask how to manage his sexual urge,why he was seeing semen on his night clothes”, narrated Nkechi on her encounter with one of the boys who participated in the programme.

According to her, “He also wanted advice on what to do to his cousin who constantly fondle with his penis at night since he shares bed with her. He has had sex.

“We spoke at length and I gave him a few useful tips. He felt so relieved”.

Mrs. Macaulay believes strongly that #sexualityeducationiskey to having the boys live and behave more responsibly. To her


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