BRT Operation Begins On Lagos-Badagry Route

Passengers Boarding Mile 2 Terminal

After many years of waiting, Lagos residents on the Lagos-Badagry axis, have finally begun to have a taste of the Bus Rapid Transport, BRT, initiative of the Lagos Government.

This morning, one of the Blue Buses was sighted at the BRT terminal on the Mile 2 end of the Lagos-Badagry Expressway and passengers were boarding. However, hundreds of people queued in order to have the experience of the new transportation system, were disappointed as more buses were not made available.

They had to join the popular yellow buses to get to their destinations, thereby leaving the BRT terminal deserted.

Deserted BRT lane due to lack of buses

For over two hours, from 9 am, only one BRT bus has passed through the route.

For now, the lane for the BRT buses on that route is yet to be completed. It is available from Lagos Island up to a little after Agboju, which is before Satellite Town and Trade Fair.

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