Nigerians Raise Alarm Over Proliferation Of “Money Ritual Groups” On Social Media

Call On Government To Sanitize The Cyber Space

Soliu Majekodunmi; Wariz Oladehinde; Abdul Gafar Lukman and Mustakeem Balogun

The picture above presents Soliu Majekodunmi, 21years ; Wariz Oladehinde, 17 years; Abdul Gafar Lukman 19 years and Mustakeem Balogun, 20 years.

They are the four boys in Ogun State who allegedly killed and beheaded an 18 year old girl, Sofiat Kehinde that happened to be the girlfriend of one of the suspects, Soliu Majekodunmi.

Her boyfriend, Soliu happened to be the one that lured her to the house where they wasted her. The object inside the local pot they are holding is the skull of Sofiat Kehinde, which they were burning before they were sighted by a community Security guard.

While being interrogated, they claimed that they were burning their victim’s skull in accordance with a money ritual guideline that they read and watched in materials shared on Facebook.

Since this unfortunate incident was reported, concerned Nigerians have been searching different social media platforms in a bid to discover some of the posts promoting money rituals and the people behind them.

BuzzMinistry News Desk also participated in the search. Based on findings, there are many Facebook Groups, where assorted articles on certain rituals to be carried out to gain instant riches.

Some of the Facebook Groups being used to promote money rituals include Ogun Owo ati Osole todaju with 28 thousand members, Ogun agbara ati Owo todaju saka with 71 thousand members and Ogun Owo which had 55 members as at 1:30 PM , Wednesday, end February, 2022.

In one of the articles promoted on Ogun Owo ati Osole todaju, the promoter even included a mobile phone contact for reaching the unnamed witch doctor. The phone contact is 09152496672.

The poster who shared a “Ghana Must Go” bag filled with money as a way of enticing naive fellows, gave guidelines on how to perform the money ritual. According to the post, “I perfect dry head, 1 perfect corner bird, many types of water melons, ……… We will start dancing at 1pm……..”

Below are screenshots of similar articles by other people, allegedly promoting money rituals on several Facebook groups.

A concerned Nigerian who said he was shocked after discovering several money ritual groups on social media, called on the authorities in the country to urgently do something to check abuse of the Cyber Space.He said as a matter of urgency, Nigerian Government should sanitise social media platforms, especially Facebook and close down groups promoting unethical practices like money rituals.

His view was supported by all that reacted to this submission. In addition, they advised parents to rise to the responsibility of giving their children and wards sound training in order to avoid sharp practices and crimes.

Read his findings and comments by other Nigerians.

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