Rihanna’s Pregnancy Rumour Devastates Don Jazzy

For months and years, music businessman and celebrity, Don Jazzy prayed, fasted, dreamt and hoped that one good day, fate would turn things around and create an opportunity for him to be with the one woman that he was ready to die for.

But all that has come to nought as the woman of his dream is now pregnant for another man.
The lady is no other one but International Superstar Rihanna, whose picture has surfaced online, revealing her to be pregnant.

It is not hidden that Rihanna  was the only lady after the heart of Don Jazzy. On several occasions, the Nigerian Big boy  said it publicly how much he loved and desired Rihanna. Don Jazzy has kept himself clean, when it comes to flirting with girls like guys of his age and class, all for Rihanna. 
 To say the least,  Jazzy is too devastated by this development. In his state of mourning, Don Jazzy shared on his Instagram page, the picture of pregnant Rihanna with her new love , who people believed should be  much younger than Jazzy. 
He accompanied the picture with  ” It is finished”. Poor Jazzy!

As reported by Legit, Jazzy’s friends including Obi Cubana have been commeserating with him over finally losing Rihanna.

Meanwhile, Nigerians online are not quite on the development either. They have  been expressing their concern over the unfortunate thing that has happened to Jazzy.
 While some asked him to take heart, most of the people that commented lambasted Jazzy for hoping on a lady she has not met in person. Some also offered to help Don  shop for a Nigerian lady that is as pretty as Rihanna.
Chi Mbanefo wrote, ” All this while, I thought its a joke. I didn’t know such thing exist,  lusting and waiting for a woman you don’t know in real life. Jazzy my brother, your mumu don pass. Be careful”.

“He is dating her in his mind. Heartbreak of unknown lover” , said Onifade Temitope.
Adaeze Ekene dropped this, “No go cut your coat according to your size. You can’t even handle Rihanna. She is prettier and a lot more responsible”
“Sorry brother. This can be so painful. Make we help get another babe that looks like her”, Evelyn Eihes Hoya.

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