Nekede Rich Students Groan In Frustration

As management bans students from driving inside school

Report from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri , Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, has it that some students of the school who are from rich homes, have not been finding it easy coping, ever since the school authority issued a memo, banning students from driving inside the school.

An insider who disclosed this to BuzzMinistry News Desk , quoted some of the concerned students as saying that they were used to affluent lifestyle and that preventing them from driving inside school was a big punishment to them.

However, the source revealed that majority of the students were hailing the new rule, saying it would reduce the level of intimidation poor students receive from their rich counterparts in the campus.

In a memo by the Registrar on Friday, 28th January 2022, the school banned students from entering the school with their vehicles.

The memo was further distributed to different departmental platforms by the various departmental publicity.

It also prohibited departmental T-shirts, among other regulations.

The memo

The management reportedly held an emergency meeting on thursday, 27th January 2022, during which the issue of some students using cars and involving in flamboyant display of wealth on campus, was discussed.

After thorough deliberation on the matter, it decided to ban students from entering the school with their own vehicles.

The management agreed that the only people to be seen with personal vehicles inside the school are members of staff and school workers.

Even at that, they are mandated to be with ID cards that identify them as staff members, or a written permission from the registrar with a passport pinned to it.

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