Likely Reasons Sammie Okposo Engaged In Extramarital Affair

Sammie Okposo performing

Infedelity among maried people is not new as it has been a part of human history. Both husband and wife involve in sex outside marriage, although men are believed to be more at risk of cheating.

However, the reasons people defile their marriage bed through involvement in sex with persons order than their spouses has continued to be a source of concern. This concern has come to the front burner following the unfortunate case of infidelity involving famous gospel singer , Sammie Okposo who confessed to cheating on his wife, with a lady he met while on a tour in the US.

Story had it that Okposo after putting his alleged girlfriend in a family way, forced her to have an abortion. When the girl who is based in Texas , US refused to abort the pregnancy, he blocked her from all his social media media platforms. That got the lady infuriated and in that anger took the matter to the public.

Okposo with wife

On Tuesday, Okposo tendered a public apology to his wife via his official instagram handle. In the statement, he also announced that he was withdrawing from all ministerial activities, to resume when he is fully restored.

But people have been asking what could be the reasons he toed the messy worldly part,considering his position as a reputable gospel minister and Singer. As an international gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo is known globally as a “Man of God”. That alone should make him exercise caution and avoid any form of irresponsible conduct to avoid scandal. Yet, he fell, not just in sleeping with another woman once, but many times in his hotel rooms till he got her pregnant.

After a careful study, our information desk has come up with some likely reasons Sammie Okposo involved in sex outside his marriage.


According a sex and relationship writer, Sheri Stritof, in an updated article, there are many reasons married people cheat.

Stritof who submitted that upwards of 40% of married couples are impacted by infidelity, writes “Risk factors such as personality disorders and childhood issues, as well as opportunities such as social media and poor boundaries, can increase the chance that one of these reasons will actually lead to some type of affair”.

Based on Stritof’s opinions and other findings , the following could be among the reason most people who cheated on their spouses did so;

  1. Frustration: Some partners may have been frustrated in their marriage due to reasons not known to the public. Several couples who are sick and tired of their marriage due to reasons known to them, are still there with their bodies but their minds are elsewhere. That frustration comes to light in situation as this that Sammie found himself.
  2. A way to end the marriage. Some may have been tired of their marriage and longed to walk out but didn’t know how, considering their position as a minister. Perhaps they feel that by cheating, their spouse may out of anger pack out on their own
  3. Probably, the person wasn’t truly Born Again. It is possible that one might be singing gospel music , just out of passion and way of making ends meet; but in truth such person is far away from God. To such people, infidelity is just a way of life
  4. Sex Starved. As an international artistes that tour round the world to perform, these artistes can really be too busy with very tight schedules. And since they don’t usually go with their spouses, they may be tempted to start flirting just to satisfy themselves sexually. Besides, the hotel environment where they lodge during those trips expose them to irresponsible sexual behaviours.
  5. Seduction. Some women are good at seducing men and they maximally deploy their seductive arsenals when the men are well to do. They not only need money, they also want capable men to be their baby mamas. That way, they guarantee a good future for their children.
  6. Use of charms. A lot of desperate elements use charms to lure and woe sex partners to themselves.Charms and love portion are Very much real.

They are indeed several other reasons people cheat. But no matter the situation, cheating isn’t healthy and not encouraged no matter who you are dealing with.

When problems arise between husband and wife, the two parties should be reasonable enough to come together to iron out their differences and in good time too. A problem allowed to longer gives rise to greater issues.

No human is perfect; it takes maturity, responsibility, tolerance and godly love to make relationship work, and it pays to save your marriage.

While we pray for Sammie Okposo and his wife, to handle their challenge with maturity and save their marriage, we advise that the necessary lessons are learnt and caution taken to avoid a repeat of the shameful incident.

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